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MotoGP memes, macros and moving images turned 4 today!


This drawing I started a while ago and initially intended to leave it half finished, but after having it pinned up on my wall for a while, I have decided to finish it!


Size: 47cm/67cm

Pencils: Derwent drawing, studio and artists

Here is the half finished one:


It’s not a LULZ but this is stunning! Thanks for your submission Izzy! 


 I just want to wish you all Merry Christmas~! Hope this little art will sweeten a bit your anticipation for the next MotoGP season.

Note to myself…draw more bikes less abs

pose reference used.


Merry Christmas… I guess?

That’s what I call a nice outfit.



such dani

very doge

Present from Ranka Fujiwara to Cal Crutchlow!


Scott Redding ladies and gentlemen

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Do you know the Sailor Moon Japanese anime? 

This is a parody of Sailor Moon.

Ahaha, I had the same idea a couple of years ago LOL.

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When Marc starts moving in on every one of Vale’s trademarks…


When Marc starts moving in on every one of Vale’s trademarks…

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